G1 27 Final Day: The Two Promos That Mattered

We watched today’s show with our friends at One City Tap, in Chicago, so we didn’t catch the Japanese broadcast. Most of the story has been told in the previous 19 amazing days of wrestling. But we had to re-watch 2 promos. Here’s some highlights from the Japanese commentary.


Shibata Returns


“Shibata’s theme? Is Shibata coming?”

“The whole audience is chanting his name.”

“Shibata Katsuyori has come back to Ryogoku Kokugikan?”

“We’ve been waiting for his come back.”

“He came back to the cerulean blue (New Japan).”

“Shibata smiled! We always believed he would return!”

“Shibata took the mic.”

Fan: “You are finally back, Shibata!”

Shibata: “I’m alive… That’s it.”

“Just one phrase! That’s ‘The Wrestler’!”

Liger: “Well.. so cool.”

Milano: “My mind was full of concern with whether or not he would be okay. But what he said was very strong.”

Liger: ”Even though he is much younger than me, I respect him, as a man.”


Naito’s Victory

Liger: “It was such a great match, far beyond our expectations!”

“This, Naito Tetsuya, broke the monster, Kenny Omega.”

“It’s been 4 years since his last win. He sure has a different feeling of joy this time.”

“The flag was passed from ‘Black Charsima’ (Chono) to LIJ charisma.”



“Buenas noches, Ryogoku. For everyone here and in the world, who support LIJ… did you enjoy the G1 and puroresu more than previous years? The winner is Naito from LIJ. I want to say thank you to you guys who gave me the greatest stage. Gracias, amigos.”

“I won the G1 4 years ago once, but at that time, I set myself up, so I couldn’t say what I really felt. But me now, I can say what I want to say with confidence. I’m the main player of New Japan!”

“At the end, please yell as loud as you can (LIJ roll call).”



“Even though Naito won the G1 4 years ago, he couldn’t main event the Tokyo Dome. He has changed everything since then.”

Chono: “I didn’t understand what the doll was (Daryl).”

“One of Naito’s dreams was to main event Tokyo Dome. But 4 years ago, his dream didn’t come true. It was because of the fan vote. Is there any worse humiliation than that?”

“But the humiliation made him much stronger.”



Naito: “It’s been 2 years since I met Los Ingobernables (in Mexico). Encountering them changed everything about me. It truly means ‘Destino’ (destiny). If you don’t say aloud what you think, then nobody hears you. If I want to entertain everyone, I have to first be pleased with myself, without caring about what others say. This is what I learned from the companionship of Los Ingobernables in Mexico. I can’t say anything else but thank you to them. Gracias, amigos.”

“Well, there is a press conference tomorrow, I’ll say what I want to say tomorrow. I’m very cansado (tired). Let me rest. Tomorrow, then. Hasta luego. Adios.”


Liger: “I realized, there was no one from LIJ with him, backstage. Not only that, but no one was smiling for him in the ring. This means the others are competitive and thinking that next year, it’s going to be their chance. I want to keep focusing on their actions.”

4 thoughts on “G1 27 Final Day: The Two Promos That Mattered

  • August 14, 2017 at 12:30 am

    Thank you for the translation during the whole g1 tournament guys
    Got a new fan here

  • August 15, 2017 at 11:21 pm

    Just a small correction, it’s “Buenas Noches” how Naito starts the promo. Awesome work guys nonetheless!

    • August 16, 2017 at 12:00 am

      Good catch. Naito makes things tricky, when the computer starts autocorrecting across three languages. Thanks!


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