G1 27 Backstage Comments Final Day

Highlights from original video.


Kanemaru, El Desperado & Taichi

Taichi: “Hey, hey, calm down.”

El Desperado: “Kushida! You beat me once and now you’re acting like a king!? Being a champion means being someone who doesn’t lose, doesn’t it? You lost to me. And how could you do that (fighting out of the ring) in Ryogoku? Why don’t you do that in the places you like? Places that are much smaller and dirtier. Places like America or wherever. Did you get to used to doing such things? But this is New Japan.”


Taichi with Abe Miho & Kanemaru

Taichi: “I wanted revenge on Roppongi Vice, but the dude, Rocky, got dumped by his partner, again.”

Kanemaru: “He ls completely alone again?!”

Taichi: “I don’t care whoever wins today. We were the former champions. Don’t forget it.”

Kanemaru: “We have such great harmony, we hang out every night (drinking). Fully recharged from so many breaks.”


Jushin Thunder Liger

“You know that this is G1 final, today. How could you let Suzuki-gun in the ring? Don’t you dare allow them.”



“Hey, Desperado. Don’t you understand that this is IWGP (Junior title) we are talking about? Don’t you have any principles? I even take it when you come out holding a guitar after match. What difference does it make, from getting black mist? Any different than using a mic stand? My next opponent will be El Desperado. I’ll take it. Show a little more cause to be my challenger. The days when I couldn’t reach this belt, I wouldn’t even lay a finger on it. That is only for the champion. I’ll teach you how, the hard way.”



“Bullet Club… how could you have done this to me (positive, moved him)? Anyway, it really felt like the end of G1 Climax 27, after I fought. I was disappointed in how it ended, but they gave respect. I think Bullet Club has the ‘Samurai Spirit’ which is like the ‘strong Japanese heart’. Well, my G1 is over. I have to find something to do in my summer, next year. I have dedicated the last 19 summers to G1, so it will be sad to let it go. However, I have to try to find something to replace it with.  Actually, I had hoped to be in the final. My result was 1 win and 8 losses which was very poor. Even so, I believe that I did do something that moved the fans. So, I am able to stand here today.”

(Interviewer asks about Bullet Club)

“I was touched by their surprising action; they were beating me up just before. I have said it before, but this is not my retirement. I will let go (G1) and I will get ready for the next battle. Me, the wrestler, Nagata Yuji will be off for while. My other career as a  promoter and director at Bushi Road Club, will keep going on. I will have a short relaxed vacation from the wrestler, Nagata Yuji. I appreciate the cheers I got. I believe it was the right decision to announce my G1 retirement. Nagata Yuji will be fresh and will start again. Thank you.”



“Hey, get me a match immediately. That’s it.”



“My deep summer is over. However, I’m not satisfied with my result, at all. I will recover from my losses from now on. I heard Shibata was here. I will be waiting for him, here. I want him to stand across from me. I will be waiting.”



“Even though G1 is over, the next stage starts. I will get a belt, this is what I have been saying.”



“Well… the long G1 finally ends today. I had a short match with Kojima and Juice, who is really surging now. His ascension is amazing. I don’t think anybody can stop him now. I tried to make an appeal for myself, too. Us, Tenkoji, backing up Juice. For Kojima, I want him to keep trying for next year. And if there’s some chance, then I might, too. No one knows for sure.”



“The 2017 G1 Climax is over, today. I will say goodbye to the weak loser, Kojima. I hope I will be the stronger Kojima after G1, tomorrow. This is it. After fighting in front of many fans, I became the lively Kojima. This is how Kojima is as a puro wrestler. Thank you.”


Ricochet & Taguchi

Ricochet: “Yatta = we did it!”

Taguchi: “Yattaza = yes, we did it.”

Taguchi: “The belts are pulled to Taguchi Japan, naturally.”

[Abe Miho enters]

Abe Miho: “Congratulations! Actually, I like you, the director. So happy to talk to you. I want to quit Suzuki-gun and join Taguchi Japan. Can I?”

Taguchi: “YES!”

Abe: “Can you close your eyes to make a promise?”

Ricochet: “Dame, dame (no, no).”

Abe: “Good boy. close your eyes.”

Taguchi: “So, we have the ceremony of joining Taguchi Japan. We kiss.”

Abe: “I’m feeling shy. Close your eyes. Don’t open them… Of course not!”


Abe: “You’re the one I hate the most!”

Taichi: “What the hell are you thinking? The director? What kind of director are you?Porn? You’re a director of porn videos, aren’t you?”

Abe: “Let me go!”

Taichi: “Where are you looking at?”

Kanemaru: “You pervert.”

Taichi: “The belts are ours. Give them back to us.”

Taichi: “Why the hell are you bald? Bald.”

Taichi: “Now, you know it. Let’s go.”

Taguchi: “So, has the match been decided? It wasn’t enough, I didn’t get beaten enough by her. Let me… Let me go for more. Please do it more. I want more from her. I’ll do it. Please, please more, Abe. You guys can challenge us because I want it more. Let me please go there… The ecstasy is over now. Thank you.”



“Well… if you ask if I’m okay, then I don’t know how to answer. But I’m alive. After that match, I was on my way going back to the dressing room, when I fell. Today, I could stood up on my own feet. I’m looking ahead. I know that it will take much time, but I’ll do the best that I can; I will fight for it. That’s all that I can say now. But I will keep trying to see you guys again in a better condition. That’s it. Thank you.”



“That was my real G1 final this year. It left a sour taste in my mouth. But I’m truly happy to be in the G1. I said it yesterday, too, but I have decided my next direction. So, I don’t really have anything else to say today. Thank you.”



“I don’t do well with those guys. I had to change my mindset since I knew I couldn’t get to the final. But in current New Japan, even if I have a belt, that’s not enough to get back to the top. What is more important is what I can show. Over and over and again.”


Suzuki Minoru

Sukuzki: “Hey. Why don’t you bring it on. Hey, the pig.”

Taichi: “Hey, fatty. Fatty. Where did he go, the fatty?”

Suzuki: “I don’t have any business with the self-proclaimed itsuzai (phenomenon) or genius. I have business with that pig. You. You wanna do it? Hey. Bastard. Bring it on. Hey.”

Taichi: “Don’t get carried away, fatty.”

Suzuki: “Do you want to get f**king killed? Don’t try to bother me. Hey, that pig.”


Takahashi Hiromu

“His pain must be worse than what I’m feeling. Yeah? The one who destroyed my plan. Yes, Will Osprey. Let me have a match against you, again. I haven’t been able to sleep these last 6 months, I need to find out how to dispose a mattress because i really think it could solve my problems. I’m obsessed thinking about you. Please. Where? Osprey? Where are you? He’s here in my head. Come get out of my head. Then, more and more and more…Let’s have fun!”



“I’m been holding this NEVER belt for a while. The next stage, I assume, will be the third title defense. It’ll be my biggest title defense. I’m excited to see who the opponent is going to be.”



“I made the superman Okada go into hell, again. What are you going to do, champion? My domination of the IWGP title and New Japan has already started. Let me say that again. Okada, I’m stronger than you. Remember it.”



“I’ve told you before that pro wrestlers are supermen. They will keep standing up and get beat up many, many times. I haven’t given up anything yet. Who else can prove what I say but me? EVIL, don’t make me laugh. You think you exceeded me? I will get payback. So prepare yourself.”

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