Naito & BUSHI Talk Contract Defense at Family Restaurant

Original article from Tokyo Sports.

The day after winning his second G1, Naito recieved the contract to main event Tokyo Dome. He chose Ishii to defend it against; who defeated Naito twice in a row, once during the G1 and once in LA.

He invited BUSHI to a family restaurant for his triumphant celebration. BUSHI brought his own ‘karaage’ (fried chicken), from the shop he owns, ‘Marubushouten’ ( Although, he was not allowed to bring outside food in to the restaurant.

Naito brought up the problem of his contract defense while eating the roast beef don (bowl of meat and rice); “I don’t think it is worth it to defend the contract so many times; I think once is enough.”

Recent G1 winners have usually defended the opportunity two or three times, but no one has taken it. Naito explains, “I get it if the person who defeats me challenges for the main title match in Tokyo Dome, but what if the person loses to someone else? Doesn’t it lack credibility? Or what about if I ask for a rematch? If there is only one defense chance it will be tense and exciting. I chose Ishii, but if someone else steps up, then I will consider it. Even the ones who lost to me can ask for a chance. But there will be one and only one chance.”

Looking very pleased Naito adds, “Gracias, gracias. I feel bad for you (Tokyo Sports Reporter) having to pay for this, I will give you this in return.” He tries to offer the karaage in exchange for the dinner we (Tokyo Sports) paid for. Can anybody control this guy?

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