Kenny Opens Up After His G1 Final Loss

Original article from Tokyo Sports
Kenny Omega, the IWGP US Heavyweight Champion revealed his thoughts on recovering from his recent G1 loss.

Even though he lost the G1 final to Naito, his fighting spirit hasn’t haltered. He is looking forward to defending his IWGP US Heavyweight Championship.


On falling short to Naito in the G1 final:

“I devoted everything to it. Naito has become stronger than ever. It’s not something that I should be ashamed of. It was a great match, so I’m not going to make any excuses.”


On his upcoming plans:

“First, I want to strengthen the belt I have. My G1 result wasn’t perfect. I know there are people who want to take the belt.”


On Juice as a challenger:

“Does Juice really believe that he can get this belt? I’m the one who main evented Tokyo Dome, Osaka Castle, the G1 climax, all of this year’s big matches. Probably, the IWGP US Heavyweight title match is the big match for Juice. To me, it’s just another match. I may wrestle with a T-shirt on.”
So you won’t back away?

“It can’t be helped; I lost to him. After I avenge my G1 loss, I want to get back to the plan I have been talking about; which is his defending this title, including in other wrestling companies.”
He plans to raise the status of the US Heavy-weight title for the next January 4th Tokyo Dome show.

“The winner of the G1 4 years ago, he couldn’t main event the Tokyo Dome. Who was it? Of course, I think Naito should deserve the main event. However, if he is not careful, there may a possibility that the US Heavyweight championship will main event (laughs).”
We saw the moment you and Ibushi had backstage…

“He asked me if I got injured, and if I was okay, but it doesn’t matter to me. It’s not worth it to be told anything after the match that I devoted my life to. His worry for me? I don’t event want to hear it.”
Your wish for a match against Ibushi didn’t happen. What about the future?

“Since we both lost in the G1, the chance went back to zero. I’m a champion, so I have to defend from now on. I feel like we will be on different paths again.

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