Kushida’s Travel Blog: “Waffles and Coffee; A Great Combination”

Excerpts from Kushida’s blog (go to his site for the accompanying photos)


Posted August 18, 2017


“Good morning.

I arrived at London, England.

It’s 8 AM here.

Checked into the hotel near the airport.

During the next 2 weeks, I have to check into a different hotel every night (LOL).

I can’t unpack my belongings since I have to sleep on a different bed every night.

It’s a lot of trouble for a wrestler because I can’t even hang my sweaty gear…

And also, today, I have to move to a different city where I’ll fly out of after the event, tomorrow.

The guidebook which I bought in the Narita Airport (Tokyo) is useless.

Baked tomatoes are a common breakfast food in Britain.

All western wrestlers love peanut butter [Note: peanut butter is not commonly eaten in Japan].

Waffles and coffee are a great combination.

Yummy. (^-^)

I’m going to have a match against Titan at York Hall, AKA, the ‘Korakuen of London’.

And after that, I’m off to Liverpool.

I guess the distance is like from Tokyo to Nagoya.

Worried about food already…

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