Tanahashi Turns Heel… In The Movies

Original article from Daily Sports

“Tanahashi cut his long hair for his first starring movie role, ’I want to return a favor to puroresu’.”

Tanahashi Hiroshi, AKA, the ‘Itsuzai (phenomenon)’ will play a lead in the upcoming movie, ‘Papa No Shigoto Wa Warumono Champion (Father is A Heel Champion)’. Tanahashi will play the father, Takashi, a heel wrestler who fights and struggles for his family.

Tanahashi will main event in a new field, movies. About being selected for the role, Tanahashi says, “It came out of the blue. But this was perhaps something I have always imagined.” He is trying his best, the same as he does in puroresu.

The movie is based on the children’s’ books by Itabashi Masahiro, ‘Papa No Shigoto Wa Warumono Desu (My Father’s Job is as a Heel)’ and ‘Papa No Shigoto Wa Warumono Champion (Father is A Heel Champion)’. Tanahashi plays a former top wrestler, but with injuries and a shift in what’s popular, he now fights as the heel, ‘Gokiburi Mask (Cockroach Mask)’. One day, his son, Shota, discovers the truth and is shocked. The story illustrates the father and son’s relationship in a heart-warming way.

Tanahashi cut his trademark long hair for the movie and got many surprised reactions on his Instagram from fans all over the world.

Tanahashi says, “I want to return a favor to puroresu, for what it gave me.” He is determined and open about his love for puroresu.

He avoids using his catchphrase in scenes, however, for his fans he says, “Wait for it. I love you, everyone!”


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