Naito Looks So Happy Playing Baseball… Let’s Hope He Doesn’t Hear The Commentary

Naito Throws out the First Pitch for Professional Japanese Baseball Team, The Hiroshima Carps (Aug 27)

WARNING: The following commentary from the baseball anouncers isn’t very nice.

Commentator 1: We have this purowrestler from New Japan Pro Wrestling. His name is Naito… Denoya. Oh… it’s Testuya.  I’m sorry, I know nothing about puroresu at all.

Commentator 2: We used to watch puroresu a lot growing up. But up to the era of Antonio Inoki.

Commentator 1: He (Naito) is a huge Carp fan. He even sings the anthem for the team. 

Commentator 2: There are so many puroresu companies these days; I can’t keep up with them. When I was a child, there was puroresu on prime time TV, every Sunday.

Fans flooded the YouTube comments to express their anger towards the baseball commentators for ‘disrespecting’ Naito.

Naito is a huge fan of the team, even though he is not from Hiroshima. It’s not uncommon for Japanese people to pick favorite sports team, regardless of if they are from the same home town or not..

Naito used to play baseball from the ages of 7 to 15. He was captain of his junior high school’s baseball team (he was also captain of the soccer team).

Wonderful video of Naito singing the team’s fight song.

One thought on “Naito Looks So Happy Playing Baseball… Let’s Hope He Doesn’t Hear The Commentary

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    August 30, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    It goes to show how much the Showa era remains the Golden Age of NJPW in the eyes of past generations. The key to changing this is getting a primetime show on network TV, I don’t know if that will ever happen but all the improvements in the product gives me hope.


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