Naito Talks About The First Time He Was Told To Be ‘Tranquilo’

Aired on Aug 27th

Program title: Mayonaka no Harley & Race (Live puroresu radio talk show)

Radio personality (host): Kiyono Shigeki: Sports commentator for NJPW, WWE (Japan), UFC

Naito talks about his transformation after coming back from Mexico in 2015 and meeting Los Ingobernables .

He knew if he didn’t get anything from his Mexico experience,  that he would never move up in the rankings.

Los Ingobernables didn’t really make him do anything special, but after living and fighting with them for a month, he was affected by their style.

Meeting Los Ingobernables changed him, 180 degrees. Prior, he wasn’t able to say what he really felt inside and he worried about criticism from others.

Sombra (Andrade “Cien” Almas in NXT) made the biggest impression on him.

In CMLL, it’s unusual to fight outside the ring, but Los Ingobernables did whatever they wanted to.

He was always doubting his puroresu before, but with them he got excited. It was so much fun for him to wrestle with them in Mexico.

He couldn’t hold his excitement during matches; Sombra looked at Naito and said, ‘Tranquilo’.

Coming back from Mexico, it was his last chance of being a pro wrestler for NJPW. He would have quit if he couldn’t have become the top wrestler for NJPW. He says that he doesn’t want to end up being just above average, because he always wanted be the top wrestler of NJPW. This was his source of determination.

The wind shifted in the Fall of 2015 when he brought pareja (partner: EVIL).

Listeners share what they like about Naito:

Naito’s love for puroresu; being a big puroresu fan before becoming a pro wrestler. Never forgetting how he felt as a puroresu fan

They like Naito always says the right things (boldness).

He carries out his promises.

Nakamura once said about Naito, ‘Naito loves puroresu too much (crazed).”

Naito always watches his own matches to improve, but not others’.

His dreams from when he was 15:

  1. Be a pro wrestler for NJPW.
  2. Capture the IWGP title by 29 (because idol, Muto Keiji, won the title when he was 28).
  3. Main event the Tokyo Dome.

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