Road to Destruction Sept 7 Japanese Broadcast Highlights and Promos

Highlights from the Sept 7 Road to Destruction show


Yujiro’s Promo on Barreta

“Hey. So, you are a heavyweight now? Don’t make me laugh, Barreta. Don’t underestimate the NJPW heavyweights. Kore maji (this is true)!”


Commentary on the debut of Leo Tonga

(Tama and Roa’s youngest brother replaced Kenny Omega, due to his injury. This is his debut in NJPW.)

“What an incredible family, they are!”

“GOD’s developing a long-term plan by introducing Leo, today.”

“Leo’s still crude (rough around the edges), but they can be a typhoon if Tama can lead them (Roa and Leo) well.”


Suzuki’s Promo on Elgin

“Elgin, Tanahashi, KUSHIDA, what you guys did was cheating. Are you that frustrated? Are you afraid to feel the acknowledge difference between us? Ah, it hurts. I will set up a new rule for you guys. We are going to have a lumber jack match in Fukushima. Will you take it? Yes or no?”


(After Elgin answers)

“For the NEVER Title match in Fukushima, if he agrees, then that’s the deal. Shut up (to the the crowd). Stop opening your mouth and getting in my way.”


After Main Event

EVIL: “Hey, Kourakuen. Welcome to the darkness world. There are many more ways to defeat the superman Okada. Remeber that.”

Commentary: “Naito gave the mic to the winner, EVIL, tonight.”


EVIL: “I proved that I’m stronger than Okada, in Osaka. From now on I will show you more than that. We enriched the NEVER 6-Man Tag Title. Okada, Yano, Rocky, remember that.”

Commentary: “EVIL’s surge is almost going to overtake the G1 winner, Naito.”



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