Suzuki vs Elgin Hype Video Translated

Promotion Suzuki vs Elgin for Sept 10th



Suzuki: This is our ring, already.

Text: 無法地帯 = jungle, lawless area

Suzuki: To us, Suzuki-gun, your rules don’t apply. Our rules and our laws are all made by me.

Voice-over: The boss took over the NEVER Openweight Championship from Goto, in April, in Hiroshima.

Suzuki: What kind of a joke is this? To serve me sake (alcohol), New Japan?

Suzuki: Shit. Who is coming to take on this? Come. Someone!

Voice-over: The boss who’s got everything he wants, behaves outrageously in the ring.

Suzuki: This path… I walk… don’t get in my way.

Voice-over: However… in G1… Osaka (Elgin beats Suzuki)

Voice-over: The challenger Michael Elgin. During the G1, he had hard matches against the singles champions. Defeating the US Champion, Kenny Omega, and a win over Suzuki, the NEVER Champion.

Voice-over: Suzuki’s furious over his humiliation.

Suzuki: Hey, where the hell are you, Elgin?

Voice-over: Suzuki will finish Elgin in the Lumberjack Match.

Suzuki: You’re the one I have business with, the white pig,.

Voice-over: The self-indulgent dictator against the hot-blooded tough guy. The carnage match for the NEVER Title. Who will take it?

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