Highlights from NEVER Title Match – Destruction in Fukushima

NEVER Openweight Championship Lumberjack Death Match

Guest commentator: Nagata




“Taichi and Suzuki-gun are frustrating Elgin.”

“Nagata, himself, has been fighting against Suzuki since his younger days.”

“Referee is watching. Elgin will be eliminated if he uses it (the chair). He wasn’t fooled by Suzuki’s plan.”

15 minutes passed

“Suzuki-gun’s doing whatever they want. Go Taguchi-gun.”

“Ricochet is taking off! This is Taguchi Japan!”

“K.E.S is here! But the lumberjacks are supposed to be limited to 4. “

Iizuka is here. Where is the referee?”

“How could it be like this? This is all Suzuki’s rule.”

“Suzuki dominated, even the referee.”



In ring

Suzuki: Hey, New Japan. What is Taguchi Japan? Stop playing around. You guys, Taguchi Japan, don’t understand. Do you know why I took Elgin’s challenge. It was to see the center of New Japan (Taguchi Japan, the the face faction).

Hey, fukushima, I don’t understand what the f*ck you say because of your stupid accents. Shut up, country people. Hey, country folk, watch us with your eyes wide opened. Suzuki-gun is the number one.

Commentary: The worst possible ending. We don’t want to admit it, but his defense ended successfully.

Nagata: “The ones who followed rules looked foolish. They should enforce the rules.”


TV Asahi (Major Network) Press: We are from TV Asahi. How are you feeling now right after your match?

Suzuki: You don’t even say ‘Congratulations’ first, do you? Hey, would you do the same to the champion who wins the gold medal in the olympics?

TV Asahi Press: Sorry about that. Congratulations on your third NEVER Title defense. How are you feeling after the match?

Suzuki: Now, you see why I took the challenge of Elgin. Yes, to see the face of New Japan. Hey, Tanahashi, Makabe, and the other nobodies. What will you guys do now?

Tv Asahi Press: What was your plan for the lumberjack death match?

Suzuki: Why do I have to reveal my plan to you like a stupid kid? You saw, heard, and felt. That’s the answer.

Tv Asahi Press: What is your plan next?

Suzuki: I’m not going to tell you. Sorry.

Tv Asahi Press: This is the end of interview. Thank you.

Suzuki: Yeah. I don’t even like you. You give up so easily. I don’t like your boring questions, too. Why don’t you go to junior high school, again?

Do you know why this NEVER title has no IWGP logo. Only this belt doesn’t have it, but not the others. Why? What do you think? It’s because it wasn’t made for New Japan. It means there is no heart of New Japan in it. It was made by the company for young wrestlers. Then, why is this called ‘Never’? So negative on the young people’s future? I know why they picked this name. You guys have no idea. Today, tomorrow, and the next next day, this will be controled by me. This is why it’s called NEVER. Think about the rest on your own.

I was told so many times before I got here, ‘The IWGP belt is the best, isn’t it? Then Intercontinental. NEVER is the 3rd belt’. Is that so? You guys set up the rankings. Well, the third belt. That’s why you’re not happy at all, belt. Why don’t you drink sake (alcohol)? Let’s have fun, just try to avoid being sent to a rehab new jersey.

I’m going to America now. My new target is him.  


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