Ishii Calls Out Naito, Says His Rep Is Dropping

From an article appearing in Tokyo Sports, Sept 9th


”Ishii disses Naito. ‘You’re not liked by the rest of the guys'”

Ishii will fight against Naito for the Tokyo Dome main event contract, at the G1 winner Naito’s request. Ishii’s record against Naito earned him the chance. They will face each other in Oct 9th in Ryogoku.

However, the unpredicatble Naito is playing mindgames with Ishii.

Naito claimed that if there is someone else who wants to challenge him, he will take the request. Also, he said he doesn’t have to defend the opportunity if the challenger doesn’t want the contract.

Ishii responsed to Naito, “He called me out by name. He is asking me for the match. You don’t need to defend the chance? Then, why did you call me out in the first place. Nobody has spoken up.”

There are three conditions leading to the match; New Japan imposed the defense match, the holder, Naito, called out Ishii, and there are no other challengers available. Ishii didn’t need to plead for the opportunity.

It is also odd that nobody else is trying to take a shot at the chance for the Tokyo Dome Main Event, even after Naito’s asking for participants.

Ishii adds, “Even though Naito has support from fans, that has no affect on us, the other wrestlers. Why doesn’t he hold his head up high? Instead of that, he complains. Tossing the (Intercontinental) belt. I don’t get his thinking. Stick to your principles. He even brought the belt, which he said he didn’t want, to take a picture with his favorite baseball player. I don’t understand him.” Ishii confirmed that Naito’s reputation is dropping among the other wrestlers.

Ishii’s policy is to be committed to the match once it has been set.

Ishii adds, “It’s exciting to destroy his dream (to main event Tokyo Dome). His dream started slipping away once he called my name.”

Seems like Ishii’s got great confidence in the match.

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