Juice Wants Kenny in Top Condition, Hints at Revenge on Cody

Tokyo Sports via Yahoo! Japan

Juice Robinson will challenge for the IWGP US Heavyweight Title, this month, in Kobe World Hall. Juice publically called for Kenny’s return, after failing to appear due to his leg injury.

Because of Kenny’s absense, they will face each without preperation, in Kobe. Juice says, “This will be unfortunate for both of us. I hope we both can fight in 100% condition.” He hoped for the return of his vulnerable rival. He wants to ‘overcome Kenny’ so that everyone will accept his victory. When Juice defeated Kenny during the G1, Kenny was already injured.

Juice adds, “If I take the belt, I may have to deal with Kenny’s revenge. Of course, I want to fight many more opponents. If New Japan sets up a match against Cody, it will be an interesting story (referring to an opportunity to avenge his loss to Cody in the Tokyo Dome earlier this year).” He revealed his plans to win the championship and defeat all of New Japan’s top foreign wrestlers, in succession. 

After leaving WWE, he has built his career in New Japan from the scratch and has grown by step by step. “I experienced G1 this year; I felt a good response”, he said with confidence.

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