Kenny’s Will And Comeback

From a Tokyo Sports article posted Sept 18 2017

Kenny Omega wll defend his IWGP US Heavyweight Championship for the first time, against Juice Robinson on Sept 24th in Kobe. He will make his come back since his left knee injury. Can he be ready for this coming match, without preperation? We asked him about his condition after his surgery earlier this month.

His leg inury was discovered on the first day of the current tour (Road to Destruction). There was conceren about whether he can be back in time for his title match. Kenny says, “I’ve been doing many kinds of rehabilitation. I could squat since the 15th. Of course, I still can’t practice, like swan dive and do rope work, but I can go jogging and dash. I think it will be ok if I can continue this.’

Actually, he was struggling with his left knee ‘locking’ after the G1 final match. He had endoscope surgery on the 7th in Tokyo, and came out the hospital on the 9th. Usually, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks to recover. He is having a good recovery.

Kenny: “I still would be able to fight, even if I didn’t get the surgery. But I chose to keep giving ‘Kenny Omega’s performance’. I’m feeling sorry for not being able to show up for the (road) matches. I needed this for my future. Not only is my body resting, but so is my mind. All of the big matches in New Japan this year were mine. Since they were all ‘Kenny’s show’, my mind was exhausted, too. I want to show the difference between Kenny at 100% and Juice at 100%. The difference is the best in the world and just a good player.” The best bout machine in the world makes his dramatic comeback in Kobe.

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