Destruction in Kobe Translation Highlights

Highlights from the Japanese broadcast.


Okada:“Hey, Evil.

You said you know how to beat the superman. You must be dreaming.

On Oct 9th, in Ryogoku, I will teach you what it takes to win the IWGP title. Be ready for it.”


Main event

Kenny Omega vs Juice Robinson

Guest commentator: Tanahashi

Juice’s enterance

“This is the day he makes his dream come true.”

“He’s a different guy from 2 years ago, even a year ago.”

“The world’s top-class wrestler wants to shows his difference from Juice.”

“Speed, power, and balance, Kenny has everything. Absolute superman.”

“The IWGP US Heavyweight Championship was created this July. This is the first ever defense match.”

Tanahashi: “I’m feeling Juice’s growth. He already was an established wrestler when he came to New Japan. I am touched by his character. Kushida and I went with him to dinner; he tries to listen to everything me and KUSHIDA say. He’s very committed to puroresu.”

“Kenny’s rank is very high in the world. Tanahashi, what do you think?”

Tanahashi: ”I don’t acknowledge him, that much.”

“Juice has to transform to a demon to defeat Kenny.”

Tanahashi: “It’s not enough just being a lively wrestler”

“Juice’s dragon screw… If Juice were Tanahashi, he would use this to damage Kenny’s injured left leg.”

Tanahashi: “Juice has to be a demon to get the title, more important than being a showman. That’s what I learned from my match against Zack.”

20 minutes passed

Tanahashi “Kenny is very good on the ring apron.”

“Kenny Omega succeeded in his first defense match.”

Tanahashi: “I think Juice held on longer than Kenny expected.”




Ganbattana= You (Juice) did good.

Shinkansen= Japanese bullet train

[Once again, he told audience that he’s the best, today.]



Kenny: “Yon Yon Hachi Hachi” = 4484 (Yoshi-hashi)

Yoshi-Hashi: “I lost to you last year in Hiroshima. Did it my heart break? Not at all.”

Yoshi-Hashi: “Anytime is good for me.”

“Tanahashi, Yoshi-Hashi made his challenge.”

Tanahashi “Although Kenny showed zero interest.”

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