Kenny Omega Acknowledges His Connection To AJ Styles

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Kenny’s return and bond with AJ Styles

The IWGP US Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, made his return after his knee injury. He had a shining victory. There is a bond between him and the former Bullet Club leader and WWE’s current US Champion, AJ Styles.

Kenny’s left knee was operated on recently, on the 7th. His pride as the ‘BEST IN THE WORLD’ fueld his rehab and come back. Also, it was the bond with AJ Styles which fired him up.

AJ Styles came to Japan for WWE’s Japan tour (16th in Osaka) and went out with members of the Bullet Club, the day before. Kenny and AJ spoke on the phone because of Kenny’s absence due to his injury,

Kenny recounts, “AJ was concerned with my injury. ‘Is your knee in bad condition?’ I also wanted to check up on AJ. AJ watches my matches in NJPW, and told me, ‘You’re trying hard’ I don’t know if he really thinks so or not (laughs).”

They have a special relationship; they used to be friends and they both acknowledge each other’s skills. Kenny says, “He’s a rival to me, but I don’t have ill feelings towards him. We are rivals as athletes. Even if we can’t have direct matches, we are fighting on our own qualities. We are both ’US champions’. If I hadn’t fought, it would bring him down. That’s why talking with him motivated my come back as soon as possible.”

Yoshi-Hashi made his claim as the next contender.  Kenny’s second defense match will be set up. “Practice hard. If not, you can’t get this belt,” Kenny advises.

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