Okada’s Reading Habits And Enjoying The G1

Interview with DaVinci Literary Magazine published 9/26


-Magazine: Good work in the G1, which lasted a month. Otsukaresama deshita (good work). You must have been enjoying your break now.  Watching through this G1, we believe you showed Okada’s ’champion character’.

-Okada: Hmmm. I tried to genuinely enjoy this G1. I didn’t really need to prove to the audience that I am the champion, everybody knows, already (laughs). Just as audiences enjoys G1 as a festival, so did we. I slowed down because of my neck injury… but the feelings of fun surpassed the difficulty. Now, I’m feeling ‘G1 loss’ (Japanese English meainng: missing the G1).


-Magazine: Your mic performance was great, ‘Sorry for being so strong’, as you kept winning. You also said after a match, ‘You (audience) wants to see me lose, bastards.’

-Okada: I hadn’t lost any in single matches, for over a year. That doesn’t happen often. Well, I lost during G1.


-Magazine: Your first lost in a year was the match against EVIL. Such a great and hot tough match. What do you think of him?

-Okada: I supposed my finisher, ‘Rainmaker’, is not effective on him. I’m always looking to hit my ‘Rainmaker’. He finished it in the very end. I need to take measures.


-Magazine: With the result of G1, you are set up to fight against EVIL for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

-Okada: The match Osaka was just another G1 match. This time we fight for the belt, so it should be more interesting. Well, if I win, then it would be so.


About books

-Magazine: You said that you often read books while traveling. Did you read anything during G1?

-Okada: A few things. Oh, I read ‘Kimi no suizō o tabetai’ (English translation: ‘I Want To Eat Your Pancreas’, one of best selling novels of 2016 in Japan). I usually read the books with a lot of buzz.

-Magazine: How was it?

-Okada: It wasn’t a happy ending… so… it made me feel like… hmmmm (laughs).


*More info on the book


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