Okada: “We need wrestlers who can make fans think, ‘He may be able to defeat Okada’.”

Part 2 of an interview with DaVinci Literary Magazine published 9/26


Magazine: So, we asked you about the G1 the last time; the match against Juice Robinson was very impressive. You fired him up by saying, ‘Is this all you’ve got?’.

Okada: I was rude (laughs). I have a sharp tongue.

Magazine: To us, it looked more like tough-love training from the champion.

Okada: I have high expectations of him. He lived in the dojo and learned New Japan puroresu style. He’s a different kind of foreign wrestler than Kenny and David (Finlay). He has a big body, charming face… and is very cheerful (laughs). It  sure will be interesting if he becomes one of the top wrestlers… but he wasn’t there, yet.

Magazine: When there’s more great wrestlers, won’t it be tough for you to keep fighting?

Okada: If I don’t have tough matches, then I won’t grow and it’s no fun. Even fans feel that way, too. We need wrestlers who can make fans think, ‘He may be able to defeat Okada’. I know this by listening to the fans, how fans think about my opponents.

Magazine: Understood. There are two types of wrestlers. Ones who make us think that he may beat Okada. The others are the ones who we think will easily be beaten by Okada.

Okada: When I fight against Kenny, I sense in the atmosphere that nobody knows which of us will win.

Magazine: How about the match against EVIL? What was the atmosphere for you?

Okada: I honestly didn’t feel, ‘I’m not sure which one will win’. I didn’t expect him to be that strong. That’s why something in the audience exploded with EVIL’s win. I watched our match after. I was watching from the fan’s perspective and thinking, ’I’m so cool’, but when EVIL won in the end, fans got so excited… (laughs). I feel that they were so happy watching, they all stood up together.

Magazine: You told us that you like to see moments when the fans stands up together.

Okada: Yes. I’m happy when they stand up for my win. Although, it also makes me happy to see them standing up for my loss. It means that I’m a big deal.

Magazine: Absolutely. How are you preparing for your title match against EVIL on OCT 9th in Ryogoku? Are you excited?

Okada: Part of me is excited for having a title match with a new opponent, however, the feelings that I don’t want to lose anymore, is bigger. Undoubtedly, it will be a hard match!

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