Kenny Omega Talks Smack About His ‘Easy Challenger’ YOSHI-HASHI

Tokyo Sports via Excite News

Kenny Complains About ‘The Challenger’, YOSHI-HASHI

New Japan’s IWGP US Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega talks smack about YOSHI-HASHI, who will challenge for the title at the ROH Chicago event (Oct 15th). Kenny enjoys his vacation in Thailand while visiting his good friend, Nakazawa Michael, from DDT. He complains about the challenger, YOSHI-HASHI, who Kenny feels is insufficient in results.

YOSHI-HASHI showed up backstage after Kenny Omega defended his title against Juice Robinson. YOSHI-HASHI asked Kenny, “Did my heart (will) break (from a previous matchup)?”. Their match was decided.

Kenny tells Tokyo Sports, “About your heart; shirukayo (I don’t care). It’s lucky to have an easy challenger, although I want to add value to the title. He’s not worth it. He’s on a totally different level than me, and he hasn’t grown. Plus, he hasn’t had good matches this year, at all.” YOSHI-HASHI ended up 2 wins and 7 losses in this year’s G1. Kenny adds, “Fans, you don’t have to take this match seriously. It’s all Gedo’s fault. He must have set this up to bring more belts to CHAOS. He may think, ‘Throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick.“

In Thailand, he had a massage and blood flow restriction training to treat his left knee. “As you know, my best friend (Michael) lives in Thailand. I came here to get 100%. And I was looking for my future opponents in the world. Even though Nakazawa is semi-retired, he would still be a better challenger than YOSHI-HASHI (laughs).“

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