Tempers Flare Between Naito and EVIL

Original artilce from Tokyo Sports


Natio and EVIL to split up?

Is there a discord between Naito and EVIL?

Naito held a meeting with EVIL in the family restaurant where they always go. However, the meeting ended as a failure.

Today, sitting on the doorstep to the Ryogoku Event, Naito called a Tokyo Sports reporter to the family restaurant. After arriving quickly, there was EVIL who stuck out like a sore thumb.

In Ryogoku, Naito faces Ishii, and Evil faces Okada. Depending on the results, Naito and EVIL may main event next year’s Tokyo Dome show. Naito explains the purpose of this odd meeting: “This is like another gathering before Ryogoku and Tokyo Dome. Everyone’s expectation is for me to face Okada, right? I also think it may be Okada, but my ideal opponenet is EVIL. I want to him to refute mine and their expectations. I believe he has that possibility.” Naito sends cheers to his ‘pareja’ (mate).

However. While Naito talking, ‘The King of Darkness’, EVIL, finished eating the roast beaf bowl (their favorite) and told Naito, “Don’t forget that it will be us to main event the Tokyo Dome event. Naito, focus on your own business with your match against Ishii.” EVIL then left. He even ignored Naito saying, “Wait, Evil. Tranquillo….”

This is the first discord between them since they became mates from October two years ago. Naito says, “He’s getting a little nervous. But he should be like that.” He ordered another dessert, but as soon as he finished it, “I shouldn’t leave like that. I will call EVIL back. Wait here.” So, he left the restaurant and the check was on the table, but he never returned.

Is this a foreshadowing of LIJ’s collapse, or their well-planed scheme to eat and run?

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