King of Pro Wrestling – Closing Promos

Closing promos from King of Pro Wrestling


Post Main Event

Gedo: Hey, EVIL. You didn’t know how to beat the superman. Let me tell you one thing: you will never ever beat the superman. Do you know why? He’s on a different level. Next is Tokyo Dome, yeah? The opponent is the out of control, right? The rainmaker will greatly be in control of the the out of the uncontrollable man. Hey, Naito. I’m talking about you. Show your face now.

Naito: I want to ask you, the fans, who came to Ryogoku: will you agree that me, Naito, who defeated Ishii, and Okada, who defeated EVIL, should main event the Tokyo Dome for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship?

[Fans cheering]

Naito: However, there are still three months left. So, look forward to it. Until Tokyo Dome 2018, tranquillo-

Okada: [interrrupts] Naito-san, that’s enough. Your speech is so long. Well, I will look forward to the Tokyo Dome. But you’re not the main guy today, so please go home.

[Naito leaves]

Okada: Let me tell you three things. One: EVIL this is how you fight for IWGP and how to win, remember it. Two: next is Wrestle Kingdom 12. Everyone, please, look forward to it. Three. Nothing really. Because I can’t wait for 2018 Tokyo Dome, bastard! Naito-san, I can’t be tranquillo. I’m looking forward to it. You are never going to win. Do you know why? Everyone knows, bastard. This is my last defense match this year, however, I will keep fighting outstandingly and I will make it rain in the Tokyo Dome on January 4th.


Yano (on commentary, in reference to Rocky with Roppongi 3K): Friend’s friends are all our friends. Omedetou, omdetou (Congratulations).

Interviewer: How are you feeling now?

Okada: Well, I’m more excited for Tokyo Dome than anyone else. I  get excited, every year. I have to enjoy it myself first, so I can make everyone have fun.

Interviewer: How did you feel about your defense against EVIL?

Okada: Well, I say, ‘You should come up with a new plan to how to beat superman’. I guess we will fight again, as he has that ability (Okada acknowledges EVIL’s ability). Well, maybe he can beat superman, but not Okada Kazuchika.

Interviewer: How are you feeling toward Naito after facing him in the ring?

Okada: I think the fans’ reaction says everything. It also made me excited, how much they cheered. I don’t know why, but they booed me. His speech is so long. I was the one who won. I should be the one who is talking. Well, Naito-san. Assennayo (tranquilo).

Interviewer: Naito cheers and Okada cheers were clashing. What did you feel  in the Ryokogoku air (atmosphere)?

Okada: I thought Naito’s cheers were bigger. Well, I know that everyone wants to see the next, new thing. That’s how everyone has challenged (for the IWGP Title), but can’t win. Everyone’s putting on the feeling (that someone would beat Okada) on Naito, so he should beat me. But I, Okada Kazuchika, will go beyond that.

Interviewer: What will New Japan’s ring show for road to Tokyo Dome?

Okada: Well, there are still three months left until Tokyo Dome. If Naito is the main character, then I’m the last boss. Come get it.

Interviewer: You have comfort about Naito.

Okada: Yes. I’m on a different level, as the champion. That’s what makes me confident.

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