Ibushi on IC Champs, Tanahashi and Nakamura: “They are both special to me”

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Ibushi Declares His Growth

NJPW’s new tour has started in Yamagata, on Oct 18th. Kota Ibushi, ‘The Golden Star’, one of the main players of the series, will challenge Tanahashi for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship on Nov 5th, in Osaka. He promised his rebirth by then. He targets Tanahashi’s style, and he has his reasons for doing so.

Ibushi couldn’t contain his excitement. The last time he challenged for the title was against Nakamura Shinsuke, at the 2015 Tokyo Dome show. Ibushi says, “I have strong feelings for the belt. It used to be Nakamura who held it, now it’s Tanahashi’s. They are both special to me.”

His energy level has increased.

It’s because this will be his first time beside G1 Climax, to join NJPW’s tour. Ibushi says, “I can wrestle against Tanahashi every time during the tour. I’m expecting to change from it. I want to absorb his puroresu and steal it.”

He also targets another thing, “Tanahashi’s puroresu is from a different place than other NJPW’s wrestlers, like Kenny. I have had hard puroresu (like Kenny), but mine is more about feelings (sensory). So, that’s what makes it different.”

Last Tokyo Dome’s main event of Okada vs Kenny had lots of compliments, although some critics questioned the greater risk because of the intensity fo the match. Ibushi says, “It was amazing, but at the same time, I wondered if we can go that far…” That gave him an opportunity to search for his new style of puroresu. He posted a picture on his Twitter; it was when he suffered a backdrop at a steep angle, in his high school days. This picture projected his wavering psyche.

Ibushi adds, “I will be a different version of myself when the day comes.” The Golden Star’s studies are drawing attention.

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