Hiromu Wants Roppongi 3K To Risk The Belts Mid Tournament

From Tokyo Sports

“Hiromu Takahashi makes outrageous request to IWGP Junior Tag Champion(s)”

Hiromu Takahashi, who  is currently in the Super Junior Tag Tournament with his partner with BUSHI, will face the champions (SHO & YOH) in the second round, on Oct 30th in Kourakuen Hall. Hiromu says of Roppongi 3K’s surprising debut and victory, “It’s not just luck, I see they have the skills. I’m very excited for the match.”

Hiromu has named the tandem move with BUSHI, ‘Insurgentes’means ‘rebel’ in Spanish), which makes him confidend about victory.

He also suggests a change in the tournament, “The next match is essentially the final. So, please put the belts on the line.” The tournament gives the winners the change to challenge the champions, although Hiromu does not want to follow this tradition, common sense doesn’t apply to him.

Hiromu adds, “If you guys can’t take that give the belt back (to the former champions). This is not a tournament to decide the challenger. Since the champions are already in the tournament, we will make the final as new championship match, as well.”

Hiromu lost his own Junior title by not winning the Best of the Super Junior and losing his title to the winner of the tournament. After we bring this up, Hiromu stopped the interview saying, “I’m sorry. I have to use the bathroom.” Of course he didn’t come back, and left the cafe leaving us with the check on the table.

Naito’s examples are followed well by his students.

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    October 31, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    I love how these Tokyo Sports articles end with LIJ skipping the bill! Thanks for translating these, it adds to the continuing story of LIJ and how they think/behave as a unit.


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