Naito Hints At Recruiting An LIJ Member From Mexico For World Tag League

From Tokyo Sports

Naito Tetsuya has revealed his blue print for the World Tag League. He hints he will go to Mexico in order to recruit members to make two teams from Los Ingobernables De Japon. His card for the Tokyo Dome has already been decided, so what is the reason to go all out for the Tag League?

Naito’s challenge against Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship has already been set. It’s still early for him to start switching plans. But he’s getting motivated for the annual end of year Tag League.

Last year, Naito called Rush from Mexico to be his partner, and EVIL tagged with SANADA. Naito says, “It’s tranquilo, but it’s true that I have to get another person. So, it might be one from Mexico.” Naito will leave for Britain on Nov 9th, after the current series (Power Struggle). He adds, “There is plenty of time left after my Britain tour for the Tag League, I may not come home to Japan.” He hints at the possibility that he travels to Mexico from Britain.

Why Naito eagerly goes all out for the Tag League is because of his reform plan which he suggested to the company, last year. Recent years, when non-IWGP Tag Champions have won, they used to receive their contract to challenge for the title at Tokyo Dome, although, the rule is unclear. Naito complained about the system because it may allow those with decided matches at Tokyo Dome to ‘slack off’.

Naito asks, “I wonder if the company is reflecting on what I suggested, last year. I want to pay attention to the announcement of the Tag League. My match for the Tokyo Dome has already been decided. I hope they fix the system, so that I can focus on my winning.“ Naito promised that he will do his best to bring excitement to the Tag League.


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