Ibushi Plans To Use The IC Title To Challenge Omega, And Even Nakamura

From Tokyo Sports

“Ibushi reveals his ambition for taking over the IC title, and making his dreams of facing Kenny and Nakamura come true.“

Ibushi Kota revealed his ambition for taking over the Intercontinental Championship Title. Ibushi designates the Tokyo Dome event (Wrestle Kingdom 12) as the place to fulfill his ‘promise’ with Kenny Omega, who was once his good friend and partner. Also, he wants to once again challenge Nakamura Shinsuke, current WWE Superstar and former IC champion.

Tanahashi Hiroshi, whom Ibushi refers to as a ‘god’, complained about Ibushi’s actions since he became a freelance pro wrestler. Ibushi says, “I don’t believe there’s only one way to overcome him. This is the way I am. Even he (Tanahashi) says he’s ‘disappointed’, I don’t get it. Even if I did it the same way he does, he’s ‘the god’.” The ‘Golden Star’ (Ibushi’s nickname) who has always gone against the grain of pro wrestling, stays true to himself.

Ibushi also stated that he wants to challenge Kenny Omega, after he wins the title. Omega was passionate about meeting in the final of this year’s G1 tournament, however, Ibushi couldn’t make it.

Ibushi says, “I couldn’t even keep the promise. I want the match right after if I become the champion.” He’s dead-set on their collision in the Tokyo Dome. Since Kenny has held the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship, Ibushi adds, “I would even take a unification match.”

Moreover, Ibushi reveals his goal to challenge Nakamura Shinsuke, who is now one of the superstars of WWE and who Ibushi had fought twice, before. Ibushi participated in the WWE last year, as well. “I don’t think it’s impossible. I always think outside of the box. This is why I need the belt, I have to overcome Tanahashi.”

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