Naito Is Frustrated After Being Excluded From The World Tag League

From Tokyo Sports

”Naito’s unexpected absense in the World Tag League: He expresses his frustration.”

Naito Tetsuya blows off his frustration on his exclusion from the World Tag League. He was planning to go to Mexico in order to find his partner for the tournament. Unfortunately, he will miss out due to the reason that he’s already set to challenge Okada in the Tokyo Dome.

Naito left for Britain on the 8th. He was supposed to go find his partner after the tour. However, the company announced Naito’s absence from the tournament. Naito’s planning led to nothing.

Naito insistently called Tokyo Sports to Haneda Airport at 7AM. He showed up a half an hour later, like it was no deal at all. Naito exploded in his anger in the airport cafe, instead of the usual family restaurant where they always gather. Naito says, “I want an apology from New Japan, for the fans who were anticipating Naito and the ‘X’ (partner). And an apology to me, who got a ticket to Mexico to warm up for the tournament.”

Naito and Okada’s upcoming face-offs may be featured later in the card than the official matches of the World Tag League, itself. Naito questions, “Is this series ‘Road to Tokyo Dome’? Look at the members. Can you call this a World Tag League while not having Naito, Okada, Tanahashi, and Kenny? If they haven’t said yet that the winners will challenge for the IWGP Tag Championship in the Tokyo Dome, what else is the problem?” He can’t stop complaining.

Naito suggested a new system that won’t affect the Tokyo Dome show, before last year’s World Tag League. He claims it will just decrease the level of the tournament if this is their answer, “elimination of eligible people”. He even adds, “This is just putting the cart before the horse. If it’s so hard to maintain the two events (World Tag League and Tokyo Dome), why don’t they just change the date to after Tokyo Dome?”

Naito took out his wallet, for a change, but said, “I’ve only got pounds and pesos. I’m doomed,” and left the check on the table and went straight to the gate.

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