Makabe Wants To Win World Tag League To Inspire Honma

From Tokyo Sports

Makabe Togi comments on the World Tag League. He talks about how he chose his new partner, Henare, and confesses his feelings on Honma Tomoaki, who has been absent for a long period. He believes his achieving domination in the league will help Honma’s return.

Makabe’s partnership with Honma, has led to victory twice in the World Tag League. However, since Honma’s injury in March, he has been absent from action. Thus, Makabe excused himself from challenging for the IWGP Tag Championship, because he believed that it wouldn’t be the same without Honma.

However, it was Henare who went straight to Makabe to team up. Hanare injured his achilles tendon during Makabe’s 20th anniversary show and it has kept him out of action. This will be his comeback. Makabe says, “Usually, I would say, ‘You young guys aren’t in my league’. But he’s had the same experience I had, inuring my achilles tendon in 2005.” The severe injury made Makabe consider retirement. “So, I know how he feels.” He was touched by Henare’s passion.

Of course, he’s only looking for the victory because it would give his partner, Honma, something to root for. Makabe adds, “I know that Henare still lacks experience, but we have to do it. What if we make it to the top? It will fire up Honma. He’ll get jealous. Then, it will make him work harder. If not he can’t make it to top, in the ring.”

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