Feeling Shunned, Oka Guarantees Victory In The Young Lion’s Cup

From Tokyo Sports

“Big Rookie, Oka, Promises Victory in the Young Lion’s Cup.”

NJPW’s big rookie, Oka Tomoyuki, promised victory in the Young Lion’s Cup, after his failure to join the World Tag League.

Oka collided with Natira Ren. Oka submitted Narita with a half-crab and gained his second win.

Oka debuted with high hopes from NJPW, as a champion of Japan Amateur Wrestling. However, he is motivated by feelings of envy and despair. His fellow trainee, Kitamura Katsuya will make his debut in the World Tag League, teaming with David Finlay, while Oka didn’t make the cut. Oka says, “Kawato made his debut in the Junior Tag League, and Kitamura is debuting in the World Tag League. I’m so frustrated that I can’t be in any premier matches. I asked myself how I can get acknowledged, but it’s still less than a year since my debut. It won’t do any good if I feel sorry for myself. I’m not at my peak, yet. That’s why I have to win this.”

He has ambition to be in next year’s G1 Climax. Oka says, “I don’t have all of the looks. I can’t fly like Kawato and I don’t have the muscles of Kitamura. I’m not flashy. I’ll continue in my own crude way.”

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