Bad Luck Fale Is Bringing New Japan Home And Down Under

From Tokyo Sports

“The reason Fale is so eager to reach the top”

Bad Luck Fale and Chase Owens defeated Tenzan Hiroyoshi and Kojima Satoshi, on the 20th in Tokorozawa, in a World Tag League match.

After they divided Tencozy’s, Fale focussed his attack Kojima. Fale finished him with ‘Bad Luck Fall’.

With this strong start in the World Tag League, Fale says, “Sure, I want to win and go to the Tokyo Dome.” This is just one chapter of his dream. Last year, at this time, he produced a wrestling show in his home country, New Zealand. This year, he supported promotion MCW’s show in Melbourne, Australia. This show was notable as a successful appearance for Okada’s. Fale says, “I want to make bigger matches, next year, and make that territory explode. I want to tour the big cities in New Zealand and Australia. A dream is not to wait for, but to make happen.” He’s looking for opportunities to make New Japan’s name known in the Southern Hemisphere.

When he went to Los Angeles in October, he was sought out by fans. They remarked, “You were the one who broke Shinsuke Nakamura!” Fale adds, “In my dojo, in New Zealand, more wrestlers are wanting to go to New Japan, besides just WWE. New Japan’s value is growing. If you become successful in NJPW, you can make your name known anywhere in the world.”

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