LIJ Hold Emergency Meeting, Want Shake Up Tokyo Dome

From Tokyo Sports

Headline: “LIJ’s emergency meeting, without Naito”

NJPW’s NEVER 6 MAN Tag Champions, EVIL, SANADA, and BUSHI had an urgent meeting on the 4th. While EVIL and SANADA are on the top of the World Tag League, these 3 talked strategy.

We, at Tokyo Sports, received and early morning call from the three. We met at a family restaurant Kouchi City.

The topic was their defense plans after the Tag League.

If EVIL and SANADA win the World Tag League, they will challenge for the IWGP Tag Team Championship in the Tokyo Dome. This will make it difficult for them to have another title match in the same night.

EVIL, who ordered the Japanese style morning breakfast, spoke first, “After the World Tag League, I will conquer another IWGP title. We will have the grandest finale in Fukuoka, and we will have another IWGP match in the Tokyo Dome.” SANADA, who was 10 minutes late, which he explained was because he was brushing his teeth, quietly nodded.

Where does this leave BUSHI? BUSHI, AKA NJPW’s most worldly person, suggests another idea, “They should focus on the World Tag League in the Tokyo Dome. Then, why don’t we have our NEVER defense the next day (January 5th) in Korakuen? He adds, “Then, I’ll challenge for the IWGP Junior title in the Tokyo Dome. It’s not going to make a big difference, if it’s a 4 way or 5 way. If they win the WTL, then I want them to add me to the IWGP Junior title match.”

As soon as the meeting ends, Naito suddenly appeared, holding a paperback in his hands. He said, “I was looking for you, amigos. We have to leave now, so leave the rest for Tokyo Sports.” So, they left the restaurant. We then saw another bill for ‘Angus Sirloin Steak’, which we didn’t order.

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