Chris Jericho Talks To Tokyo Sports, Reveals Why He Came To New Japan

From Tokyo Sports

Chris Jericho reveals why he chose to fight in New Japan.


Tokyo Sports: Why did you decide to fight against Kenny Omega in the Tokyo Dome?

Jericho: It’s because this is a dream match. For fans, the industry, and myself… everyone gets something out of it.

Tokyo Sports: We heard that you were inspired by the boxing match, Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor.

Jericho: Nobody expected that mach to happen. So, I would say it inspired me in some way. Now is the best time to make this match happen.

Tokyo Sports: What is your impression of Kenny?

Jericho: He’s amazing. He’s one of the greatest wrestlers I’ve ever seen, but I’m better.

Tokyo Sports: Your match against Omega made a big splash on both New Japan and WWE.

Jericho: I don’t know about that. Currently, I don’t have a contract with anyone. So, I can choose what I want to do.

Tokyo Sports: What do you think about the skill level in New Japan?

Jericho: Besides WWE, it’s the greatest in the world. And they are going worldwide, and it’s appealing. They’re exciting, and have great performers. Everyone wants to see New Japan.

Tokyo Sports: Jericho vs Kenny will take things to another level.

Jericho: That’s why they need me.

Tokyo Sports: What are your thoughts on Okada vs Naito?

Jericho: I know about them and it’s a big deal, of course. However, now Japanese fans are more excited to see my match. Me against Kenny, this may never happen again. That’s what makes this match more important.

Tokyo Sports: How would you compare Okada and Naito to WWE Superstars?

Jericho: New Japan and WWE have different styles, so you can’t tell.  They are top performers, of course. I think Okada is the best wrestler in the world, right now. If they can adapt to WWE’s wrestling style, then I believe they can be top stars in WWE as well.

Tokyo Sports: If you become the US IWGP Heavyweight Champion, will you fight in New Japan again?

Jericho: I only say that nobody knows if we fight again, ever. I never said that this will be a one time thing.  Also, I never said that this will be the only time I fight in New Japan. Be excited.

Tokyo Sports: Please give fans in Japan a message.

Jericho: This will go down in wrestling history. We both have built our careers in Japan. If you miss this, you will regret it, big time.

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