Roppongi3K’s SHO & YOH talk about the differences training in CMLL and ROH

“What does it take to become a New Japan Wrestler? We ask SHO & YOH” Part2

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GetNaviWe heard that when a wrestler goes on excursion, he decides his style. What kind of styles did you guys choose?

YOH- The only style we had was ‘tag’.

SHO- There are many tag teams overseas, so we knew that we’d learn many things from fighting those guys.

GetNavi- Tells us the difference between ROH and CMLL.

SHO- In Mexico, pro-wrestling is part of its culture; the environment was very rich over there.

YOH- Mexico was a great fit for us. CMLL has about 5 venues, we wrestled in all of those places.

SHO- We rode 7 hours to the venue by bus and another 7 hours to get home. That was our routine.

GetNavi- That sounds like a very tough schedule. Wasn’t it difficult?

YOH- I always slept like a log.

SHO- It was fun to talk to luchadores on the bus. Good memories.

GetNavi- How about ROH?

YOH- We were only able to fight there two or three times a month; although, we learned a lot from top-class tag teams like the Young Bucks and Motor City Machine-guns.

SHO- I wish we had more opportunities to fight there.  We spent the rest of the time training in Mexico.

GetNavi- What kind of training was it?

YOH- In America, we focussed on working out. In Mexico, we learned moves from luchadors. Their teaching was unique; they told me to ‘jump’ from the very top, out of nowhere (laughs). It was scary. But it also forced me to react quickly.

GetNavi- Which experience (ROH and CMLL) did you guys value more?

SHO- They are both very different from each other, so I’m glad that I was able to experience both.

YOH- For a tag team like us, it gives us great strength to be able to adjust styles for every opponent. We can go with the flow if we have different techniques. Excursion was the turning point for us.

GetNavi- By the way, which lifestyle did you guys prefer, Mexico or America?

SHO- Mexico, absolutely. The people there were very kind and cheerful, so I never felt homesick.

YOH- But Mexicans often deceived us (laughs). They don’t show up to the restaurant even though they invited you in the first place. Also, when I asked for directions, they just pointed ‘over there’ although they didn’t really know where. However, they don’t lie to be deceitful. They just want to keep people entertained.

GetNavi- When did you guys figure out your style during excursion?

YOH- Honestly,  it was around June, last year. I was trying to figure it out while touring Mexico and America.

SHO- We discussed that we each should have different colors. For me, I was focusing on power, but I also tried to differentiate from other power fighters. I asked for advice from Daniel Gracie.

YOH- While SHO was focusing on techniques, I decided to pursue the flashing lights.

GetNavi- Specifically?

YOH- My role model is Mutoh. I don’t use kicks and submissions,  they are not part of my philosophy. What I’m focusing on is each step and break between every move.  Recently, using a lot of different moves is becoming the fad, but I think we should focus on making every move count. Even classic moves can excite a crowd if I can pull it off in a flashy way. I guess my philosophy is the ‘Basics of pro-wrestling’, the stuff I saw as a child.

SHO- Our differences complement each other in the ring. I believe that’s our strength.

GetNavi- What are you goals?.

YOH- I want to raise the Junior Division to another level in New Japan, and to make the audience believe that us smaller guys can fight.

SHO- But it has to be high-level so that fans can admire us. I was always told, ’A small guy like you can never be a wrestler.’ So, I want to give other small guys hope.

YOH- My goal is to take the Junior Division to the main event. I believe this is on us, Roppongi 3K, to bring in a new era to New Japan. We have Jado & Gedo in CHAOS, so we should reach their level, first.

SHO- We would like to introduce new styles of fighting. It will be great if we can bring some extreme.

GetNavi- Tell people who are recent pro-wrestling fans about Roppongi 3K.

SHO- I want people to notice our combination and smooth moves. I’m sure it will be exciting to watch fast and strong it is.

YOH- Watch SHO’s physical power and my mind power (laughs). Especially the move ‘3K’ which we slap on opponents’ face from above.

SHO- Also the ‘crab pose’ we do before ‘3K’. That’s the symbol that the move is coming.

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