SANADA Breaks His Silence, Would Have Challenged Naito if he was Champ

“The Silent SANADA, slams Okada, ‘So, If I don’t speak-up I can’t challenge you?’”

From Tokyo Sports

SANADA, who challenges Okada for the IWGP title on February 10th in Osaka, breaks his silence. While laying out his challenge and his motivation, SANADA alludes to Okada’s vanity.

SANADA explains, “I was planning to challenge for the title after Naito won it from Okada at the Dome, in the first place. Even though my opponent is Okada, unexpectedly, I already had decided to challenge right after 1.4.”  Since his debut two years ago in April, SANADA has rarely made his intentions so clear. When he spoke in the ring to challenge, it trended on Twitter. SANADA admits to not being comfortable in the position, but he knew he had to step forward.

However, Okada wasn’t happy with SANADA’s interview on the NJPW’s official website, and he stressed the need for a different challenger from the company.

SANADA counters Okada’s argument, “I stated my condition for the tag title, too. But he claims I don’t speak up enough or he wants a different challenger. So, If I don’t speak-up, I can’t challenge for the IWGP title? Where does it say that?”

As Naito’s often says, ‘If you don’t speak-up, nobody can hear you’, that’s the kind of attitude that fans support in today’s pro-wrestling world. It sure is tough for a quiet wrestler, like SANADA. Nevertheless, he looks to prove his strength in the ring, in Osaka.

Even though we had plans to meet at the family restaurant, he showed up late, with the excuse, “I was eating at Mr. Donut.” This guys isn’t ungovernable, he’s incomprehensible.

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