Naito and SANADA’s Midnight Meeting, and the Future of the IWGP Title

From Tokyo Sports

“Naito and SANADA’s midnight urgent meeting”

On the 8th, Naito and SANADA called a sudden meeting. Naito called SANADA, who is going to challenge Okada for the IWGP title on the 10th, in Osaka. They met at their ‘sanctuary’, a cheap family restaurant. After a lengthy 3 hour long discussion, they put 3 wrestlers’ names on the table.

Naito came off as sincere with SANADA, who is about to make his first ever IWGP championship challenge.

But it was clear that Naito really wanted to know what SANADA’s intentions were. SANADA alluded that he was planning on challenging Naito for the title, had he won it at the Dome. Naito asks, “Does that mean you will name me as a challenger if you defeat Okada? Please tell me what you really are thinking.” SANADA responds, “Let me focus on my title match, for now. Naito, you need to remember ‘that word’.” SANADA continued eating his hamburg steak. SANADA added, “I have to consider EVIL, too.  So, I really can’t say anything now. And I have to watch out for the man who tried to steal the spotlight at the end of the January 5th show.”

So, after Naito and EVIL, there is a ‘third man’, Jericho. SANADA made his intentions for the title clear at Korakuen, but Jericho stole his moment right after by attacking on Naito. It will be interesting who SANADA would possibly choose as a first challenger, among Naito, EVIL, and Jericho?

Even though Naito tried to respect SANADA’s response, he stopped from his dessert to say, “I can’t be tranquilo. This is something I’m involved in, and I can’t be calm. Tokyo Sports, can you please leave us alone for a moment?”

Later, when we returned to the table, they were already gone, leaving us with the check.

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