Okada Reveals Why He Chose To Face Ospreay

From Tokyo Sports

Okada to show Ospreay the meaning of ‘Strong Style’.

“This is the evolution of Inoki vs Gotch”

His forthcoming 11th title defense will be the winner of the New Japan Cup. There might be a chance that the winner will go after a different title instead, of the IWGP Heavyweight, but Okada says, “I believe that this title is the ultimate goal that every wrestler aims for.”

Okada revealed his thoughts on his upcoming match against Ospreay on New Japan’s Anniversary show.

Okada chose to face Ospreay; this heavyweight against junior heavyweight hasn’t been seen in 4 years, since Okada fought Ibushi at the same event. Okada comments, “This matchup is very rare since we’re both CHAOS, and I don’t get to chance to fight against junior. I’m looking forward to facing Ospreay.”

Ospreay, who Okada brought to New Japan 2 years ago, became the top wrestler in the Junior division. On how Okada grades him, “I see more in him than even Kenny or AJ. He’s very young and has a world of potential. I want to fight him, because I think he is the most talented wrestler in the world.”

It’s been 46 years since Antonio Inoki lost to Karl Gotch in 1972. Okada confidently claims, “Ospreay has the New Japan spirit. I want to show how far we’ve come from 46 years ago. Pro-wrestling has evolved. There’s still a lot of people who don’t give us the credit we deserve. I want them to see what has changed in the past 46 years.”

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