Makabe Refuses To Fade Away

From Tokyo Sports

Makabe strikes back, “I’ll take them all down!”

Togi Makabe, who will challenge Suzuki Minoru for the IC title on March 6th, shared his thoughts. It’s been about two and a half years since his last title match. On Suzuki, Makabe says, “I’m not afraid of your phony speeches. He’s like a school-boy reading too many pirate comics. That’s okay, I’ll steal his treasure.”

Makabe has been away from the championship scene since losing the NEVER title in October of 2015. He cites the difficulties of balancing his pro-wrestling career and entertainment work. He even put off participating in the New Japan Cup due to his filming schedule for NHK’s year-long historical show, ‘Onna Jōshu Naotora’.

Makabe says, “There’s no other wrestler like me, who gets a role in a historical show or being cast in a Softbank commercial. But I can’t be a pro-wrestler if I don’t wrestle. I had a great year last year, but it made me want to come back as a pro-wrestler. Guys like Naito and Okada made their name known as pro-wrestlers. People may think that I have faded away, but I’m the one who gets New Japan’s name out there. I’m so fired up, I’ll take them all down!

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