Naito Talks Taichi Over Dinner

From Tokyo Sports

‘Naito is upset about facing Taichi on NJPW’s anniversary show’

Naito, right after returning from a tour of America, called Tokyo Sports to a meeting at a family restaurant. Naito said, while enjoying his squid ink pasta, “I only had hamburgers and pizza over there. Glad to be back in Japan.”

However, when we asked him about the match against Taichi, his demeanor changed. Naito complained, “I rate him to a point. I did get him motivated by kicking his butt. But, I’m the man one who won MVP two years in a row. And I just recently beat him.” After the Dome, he’s been flirting with singles competition.

Naito adds, “Why don’t they given Taichi a chance only if he beats YOSHI-HASHI, first? It’s a let-down for everyone if guys keep challenging me for no reason and losing. New Japan should really take the wrestlers into consideration when making these matches.” Naito kept on in this way. Even when his phone died, he charged it with our PC. He insisted that we stay for many hours.

When the check came, he claimed, “I don’t intend to pay, today.” When we tried to use a coupon, he remarked, “I bet you’re the kind of guys who use coupons on dates, too. You should be more courteous. This is an interview. I’ll ask you to show me some hospitality.”

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