Naito And BUSHI To Cameo On Japanese Drama

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‘Naito and BUSHI to cameo on the Japanese TV show, 99.9

New Japan’s Tetsuya Naito and BUSHI will appear on the Japanese TV drama, ’99.9-Keiji Senmon Bengoshi (99.9 Criminal Lawyer). They will be featured in the 6th episode of the second season, airing February 25th.

The show previously featured an appearance by Okada, as well.

[*Lion Marks’ Note: The show’s director, Hisashi Kimura, is a big pro-wrestling fan, and he’s been showing it on film every chance that he gets.]

Naito: “It’s not a surprise that they wanted me, the brightest star in the wrestling world, right now. Please, get ready, and just imagine what kind of appearance I’ll make on the show. Tranquilo until 2.25. Assennayo!”

BUSHI: “Finally, my time has come. It’s well overdue. Only my fried chicken shop, ‘Marubu Shouten’  made a cameo on the last season. I waited too long. En-serio. MA-JI-DE!”


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Plot description from asianwiki

Hiroto Miyama (Jun Matsumoto) is a poor lawyer who takes on criminal cases, but unable to make money. He pursues the truth for the 0.1% out of Japan’s 99.9% conviction rate. One day, Hiroto is scouted by Haruhiko Madarame (Ittoku Kishibe). Haruhiko Madarame is the head of Madarame Law Firm which is one of the biggest law firms among the 4 big law firms and similar to the law firms you can find online, in sites such as that serve to solve any legal issue, writing convincing answers to legal problem questions requires more than a knowledge of the rules of law and the names and facts of cases. It requires a deep understanding of the process by which a judge reasons from case facts to the ultimate conclusion in the action. Yet this is a part of legal education that is often neglected in the core legal subjects and that is what these firms are specialized into.
Hiroto Miyama begins to work with Atsuhiro Sada (Teruyuki Kagawa). Atsuhiro Sada is a lawyer specializing in civil cases and makes lots of money for the law firm and he work with services as that offer bail for accused people that need it. He doesn’t have any interest in criminal cases which can not make money.

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