Tanahashi Answers The Question: “Why Don’t Wrestlers Just Move Out Of The Way?”

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Tanahashi answers the big question: “Why do wrestlers just stand there, waiting for their opponent’s move?

Tanahashi was featured on the late night variety show, ‘Little Tokyo Life’, from TV Tokyo. On the show, he was asked the biggest question in pro-wrestling.

Nakama, from Johnny’s West (band), who has watched pro-wrestling before, asked Tanahashi, “I feel like there is enough time to dodge moves, like those from the top rope. So, why do wrestlers always just wait?”

Tanahashi responded, “Actually, we can dodge, obviously, but we don’t. There is a beauty in getting hit. Pro-wrestling is a sport to show one’s strength, to show you can stand up and fight, even when you get hit.”

Nakama asks, “Is it embarrassing to dodge?” Tanahashi responds, humorously, “I do dodge, when it’s especially dangerous.”

Tanahashi alludes to a saying from Antonio Inoko, “相手の力を9引き出して、自分の力を10出して勝つ” = “Take 9 from your opponent, win in the tenth”

Tanahashi explains, “We, wrestlers, make a match more exciting by not dodging, and letting things get heated… We want the audience to empathize with the pain we’re feeling.”

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