Taichi Calls His Own Family Restaurant Meeting

From Tokyo Sports

On Februarty 27th, Taichi, who will face Naito at NJPW’s Anniversary Show, had a warning for Naito.

Taichi, who is about to make his heavyweight debut, called us to Naito’s  favorite spot, a family restaurant. He was dressed in L.I.J clothing, which we assume he stole from New Japan’s headquarters.

Taichi ambushed Naito on the 10th, in Osaka. Naito’s words at Taka Taichi Mania on January 23rd, provoked Taichi. Taichi spoke while eating his hamburg steak and pasta, “He humiliated me in my own ring. So I wanted to do the same to him. I always planned on turning heavyweight. Thus, I decided to take advantage and bring him down.”

If Taichi can steal a win from the two-time pro-wrestling MVP, it will be a major boon for him. Taichi says, while smiling, “I recognize that Naito has fame and skill, but if he gets carried away, I’ll take advantage. Imagine the leader of the ‘Japon Army’ going down to the Suzuki-gun’s (self-proclaimed) second in command?”

Taichi claimed, “Don’t mistake me for Naito, I will pay here.” It’s known that Naito made Taichi pay for meals during their days in Mexico. However, as we were heading for the exit, we overheard Taichi telling the cashier, “I’m Tetsuya Naito from New Japan. Can you please send the bill to the address on this business card?”

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