Naito’s Late Night Meeting At Long Beach IHOP

From Toyko Sports

“Naito’s Late Night Meeting At Long Beach IHOP”

Toyko Sports followed New Japan Pro Wrestling as they held their second ever US show in Long Beach on March 25th. While working in our hotel room, we received a late night call from Naito. He said, “I’m jet-lagged. Meet me at the IHOP across the street.”

When we arrived, Naito had already ordered. We were surprised that even while touring abroad, he still wanted to eat at family restaurants. Naito said, “I chose this place because it said ‘International’, but I don’t see any Japanese food…”

We asked him how he felt not being featured in a major match at Strong Style Evolved, he answered, “Being 5th on the card is fine. It gives me time to shower afterwards and I can beat the traffic.”

When we asked about his growing issues with Minoru Suzuki, Naito answered, “I really have no problem with him. He isn’t the mean guy people think he is, he’s actually very easy to talk to. I really like his theme music too, I usually sing along if I’m in the back.”

We were shocked with Naito’s change in tone and candor. We were wondering if this was because he was sleep-deprived or if it was due to the ‘Funny Face’ pancake he ordered. Either way, this was a different Naito than we were used to.

But what happened next was most surprising… When the check came, Naito reached for it right away. He picked up the bill and began to head to the cashier. But as he did, he stopped, turned to us and said…

“April Fools, Cabrón”






*This is of course a parody. It’s already April 1st in Japan. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves

-The Lion Marks

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