Okada Believes Best of 3 Falls Stipulation Favors Him

From Tokyo Sports

Okada believes he has the advantage against Kenny.

Kazuchika Okada will face Kenny Omega on June 9th at Osaka-Jo Hall. He sat down and revealed his confidence on their ’No time limit, 3 falls’ match. Last year, their match at Osaka-Jo ended in a 60 minute draw. The dominant champion, Okada is ready to break his tie with Kenny Omega.

After breaking Tanahashi’s 12 defense streak record, Okada named Omega as his next opponent for Osaka-Jo Hall. Okada claims, “After everything, there was no one else suitable to face. I reached 12 victories, so what? That’s not why I do this. I want to prove myself as champion. The rule says a draw counts as a defense, although I feel like it wasn’t settled.”

Moreover, Omega suggested a ‘best of 3 falls’ match after Okada requested a ‘no time limit match’. This will be a first for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Okada says confidently, “I’m very much looking forward to it. Nobody else has done this, ever. In Mexico, every match is best of 3 falls. I wrestled in Mexico for about three years.” For Okada who debuted in Último Dragón’s Toryumon Promotion in 2004, best of 3 fall matches were a staple. Okada says, “I have to be smart because this won’t end after 1 fall. Should I divide my stamina into 3 equal parts, or go strong for 2 falls? Strategy is key here. I think I’m better suited for this than Kenny, because of my experience.” 

Because their previous 60 minute bought couldn’t decide a victor, we can assume that this match can turn into something of a marathon. The dominant champion eyes victory 13, truly unexplored space.

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