Tanahashi Surpasses Naito in Numbers Fan Vote

Number magazine released updated numbers on how the fan vote is shaking out.

For the first time, Tanahashi has surpassed the previous winner, Naito.

Make sure to vote by May 29th (Japan time).

If you need help navigating the site, check out our video guide below.

The current top 10 are… (points next to name)

  1. Tanahashi 22600P
  2. Naito 22127P
  3. Shinsuke 15352P
  4. Okada 12211P
  5. Kenny 8427P
  6. Kuroshio “Ikemen” Jiro 7625P
  7. Ibushi 6687P
  8. Kairi 6436P
  9. Shirai Io 6061P
  10. Hiromu 5949P

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