Naito Gives Encouragement to BUSHI and Hiromu at a Family Restaurant

From Tokyo Sports


Naito gives encouragement to BUSHI and Hiromu at a family restaurant.

Tokyo Sports sat-in at a meeting between members of LIJ. The leader, Naito Tetsuya, called BUSHI and Hiromu, who both are struggling with their standings in the SUPER Jr. tournament. Naito called them to at family restaurant in order to encourage them. LIJ’s strong bond may be key to their comebacks.

May 27th was Naito’s 12th anniversary as a wrestler. It also marked his third year as a member of Los Ingobernables. The location of the family restaurant was Nagoya.

Naito told them, “Order whatever you guys want, I’ve got it.” Even though BUSHI had just eaten breakfast at the hotel, he ordered may expensive dishes. Hiromu, ordered a Hamburg steak and pancake, saying “I have a tournament match today, so I shouldn’t eat anything too heavy.” They then started discussing the latter half of the SUPER Jr. tournament.

BUSHI, who has suffered 3 straight losses for 3 years in a row, had just scored a victory over Will Ospreay, in Nagoya on 26th. He said, “I’ll get on a roll, from here. I won’t give up till it’s the end. Even Naito, who won the G1 last year, had 5 wins and 4 losses.”

On there other hand, Hiromu, in B block, was one of the favorites, though he already has 2 losses in the first half. This year, SUPER Jr. matches will be featured in all of the main events, something Hiromu proposed last year. Hiromu says, “There’s more buzz this year, for sure. And I feel like I’m the one who’s leading this.” Hiromu grinned. On the final at Korakuen, “I’m concerned that we might make Korakuen explode. Although I have already lost 2 times, I’m convinced we can deliver something out of this world.”

After listening to the two, Naito said, “It’ll be tranquilo if it’s BUSHI vs. Hiromu in the final, that’s what I want to see. I guess, if I’m looking at it as a fan, Ospreay and KUSHIDA are also sure-things.” Naito acted as a true leader on this day.

Naito left the restaurant saying, “I want to support them because they are the stars of this tour. We need to call a taxi to get to the venue. Guys, stay here while I get one.”

However, after that we were unable to reach him. BUSHI and Hiromu, worried about Naito, left saying, “Naito’s late. Wonder what’s going on. We’ll go look for him.”

Nobody came back, and in the end, we were left with the bill on the table.

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