After Losing the IC Championship, Naito breaks silence at Okonomiyaki Restaurant

From Tokyo Sports

On June 14th, Naito, who lost the IC championship to Chris Jericho at Osaka-Jo Hall, finally revealed his thoughts to Tokyo Sports. Although Naito promises to get his revenge on Jericho, he denies any future plans. He also discusses his thoughts on Kenny Omega.

Naito has been silent for some time after his loss to Chris Jericho, but then he called us at Tokyo Sports. He chose Okonomiyaki instead of the usual family restaurant. He said because of his eye injury, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy being out and about in Osaka.

As he begins making his Okonomiyaki, Naito says, “The most embarrassing thing is that I lost to a guy who barely wrestles, even though he’s a big star. Also, he’s well past his prime, at 48 years old.” Naito notes how limited his chances for revenger are, as Jericho isn’t often around NJPW. Also, EVIL quickly made himself known to Jericho.

Naito claims, “I want revenge on him someday, but I don’t have the right to ask for a re-match, and I don’t have any intentions to plead for one. Also, I want to see how EVIL is going to act. Everything is just… tranqui…”

It’s also worth noting that New Japan’s heavyweight titles are all held by foreign wrestlers, an unexpected situation. Kenny Omega has since said that this is a warning for Japanese wrestlers to not be complacent, and that “Naito is not a world-wide star.” However, Naito argues, “I don’t think he’s in the position to say that about Japanese wrestlers. If he really believes that, then why isn’t he on the same tour schedule as we are? I guess it’s true that we don’t go overseas as much, but he’s not even on the next tour. You can say whatever you want to, but then you should fight against SUPER STRONG MACHINE GUNDAN. I would be happy to give you my spot, please, take it.”

As he finished saying everything he wanted to, he suddenly put his hand over his eye, “Ouch! Oil hit my eye. Why would you take a guy with an eye injury out for Okonomiyaki?” He stormed out furiously, “Whatever. I’m out of here. I’m going to the doctor.” The bill was left on the table.

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