Naito Talks G1 Comeback, Hints at Jericho

From Tokyo Sports

On July 31st, the reigning  G1 champion, Tetsuya Naito, reveled his comeback plans for this G1.

Before heading out to Kagoshima, Naito called us at Tokyo Sports. When the famous wrestler entered the Kyushu-based family restaurant, people there started whispering.

It was clear Naito’s ego was boosted and he was in a good mood. He reviewed the first half of G1, “I lost the one that I couldn’t have lost. It doesn’t look like Kenny will slip-up at this point. To win G1, I can’t lose anymore.”

If Naito can make his comeback this G1, he will once again have a shot at the IWGP Championship in the Tokyo Dome. The G1 winner is obligated to defend this opportunity, usually to a challenger he was beaten by during the tournament. However, so far he has only lost to Kenny Omega, the IWGP Champion, so a title shot defense would be unecessary.

Naito continued, grinning, “If I have to, I’ll choose someone who’s not even in G1. There is someone I’m thinking about, although it might be tricky for New Japan because they’d have to pay out big for him.” This has us believing that Naito would name Jericho as the challenger.

Naito continues, “Lately, some people question about the contract system, itself. If I win, I may bring up the issue.”

He was speaking proudly, but in the background a group of teenagers could be heard saying, “That’s him. That’s Okada. It’s really Okada.” Naito’s mood soured and he quickly left after slamming the check on the table.

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