Naito Protests, ‘Demolish all other belts except IWGP Heavy’

From Tokyo Sports by Mr. Okamoto

On the 23rd, Naito suggested that New Japan should demolish all titles except for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Naito vs Suzuki is set for the September 7th Destruction show in Beppu. Their match is set for the main event, not the NEVER title match between Goto and Taichi. This sparks Naito’s controversial remarks.

Naito called us at Tokyo Sports to a meeting at a family restaurant. When we got there, Naito was chilling, eating shaved ice.

However, once he started speaking, he really heated up.

Naito says, “All I’m looking at now is Ibushi and Zack, whom I lost to during G1. There is no reason for me to face Suzuki. I don’t get it. I’d rather choose Zack over Suzuki.”

He points out the fact that their match is set to main-event over the NEVER title match. Naito often claims that his value is above any title. To that point, Naito says, “Is New Japan finally understanding that, too? But, what if other wrestlers start coming after me instead of a title? Wouldn’t it make more sense not to have any of them except for the IWGP Heavy?”

There is an argument to be made that having too many titles lower their value. Looking a the B Block of G1, the NEVER champion, Goto, and the US champion, Juice Robinson, finished with poor results. Naito says, “Two champions ended in 3 and 6, that’s the bottom of the block, isn’t it? Shouldn’t New Japan take the titles from them? It would be doing those two a favor.“

After he quickly finished his shaved ice Naito said, “Ouch… My head hurts. I need some fresh air.” He left, and as usual, never returned.

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