Taichi Rips Into Goto

From Tokyo Sports

Taichi, who will challenge for the NEVER title against Goto on September 17th in Beppu, talked about, “The missed call of the century.”

Taichi moved to the heavyweight division this Spring, however, he failed to gain a spot in the G1. He sees his title shot for the NEVER championship as opportunity to release his frustrations. Taichi speaks, “I don’t care about that title in particular, but it looks like the easiest to get, doesn’t it? Being left out of the G1 was the missed call of the century. If I, who failed to make the G1, is able to take the title from Goto… That new president (Harold Meij) owes me an apology.”

Taichi completely looks down at the NEVER title. He says, “Goto will soon fall away from titles, just like Taguchi did, and Yoshitatsu. Nakamura… He’s over there… So leave everything to me and Nakamura. You guys should just relax and enjoy the rest of your life.”

Goto ended G1 in last place, with a 3-6 finish in B Block. Taichi claims, “Nobody believes that the ‘G’ in G1 stands for Goto. If he’s not a title holder, then he shouldn’t be in the G1 next year, right?”

Recently, Naito questioned the value of the NEVER title, as his match against Minoru Suzuki is set to main-event in Beppu over the title match. Taichi responds, “That’s because Goto is the title holder. Even I agree with Naito. But once I become the champion, I won’t let anybody say that.”   

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