Japanese Fans React to ALL IN

We asked some followers from our Japanese Twitter (@TheLionMarksJP) what they thought of the ALL IN event. Thanks to those who replied!

“It gave me heartburn, as it was like American food (big portions, but satisfying). It was fun to watch wrestlers just having a good time wrestling. However, NJPW WORLD put up ALL IN just the day after I bought the PPV… “

“Probably the dick costume would be banned if it was in Japan. The matches themselves were amazing. However,  I couldn’t follow some stories as they were always hard to understand in BTE episodes (due to language barrier).”

“Everything was incredible! It was fulfilling to see Flip get in and Jericho’s surprise appearance. Although, one disappointing thing was the main event because they had to cut it short. I hope they can do it in Japan. I’m already so hyped to see ALL IN 2.“

“My impression on Okada vs Marty is that they didn’t do everything they wanted to. I wish they had used more technical moves. But the main event was amazing! I think Rey Mysterio was more lively for this show than in others. I don’t want WWE to steal Fenix and Bandido!”

“Both, matches and stories, were great since I always follow BTE. But I wonder how the NJPW fans who don’t watch BTE thought of them.”

“It was awesome, as great as Wrestle Kingdom or Dominion. I guess those who don’t follow BTE might not get what was happening in the stories.”

“Every match had its story and the matches were also fun. The video package of Joey’s return was great.”

“It was a big success and historical. Although, I think every match was shorter than I expected. I wish they had more time for each match and cut some if they had to. I especially wanted to see more of Page vs Janela and the main event.”

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