Naito Brings Shingo Takagi to the Family Restaurant

From Tokyo Sports

On October 11th, Naito and BUSHI had a welcome party for their new pareja, Shingo Takagi, at their ‘sanctuary’, a family restaurant.

Naito summoned us at Tokyo Sports to the family restaurant. However, the leader, Naito, was an hour late. That is part of Naito’s usual ritual.

Naito and Takagi were both born in 1982 and they’ve known each other since their days at the Animal Hamaguchi Gym. When Takagi made his announcement that he’ll become an independent wrestler in September, that’s when Naito called him.

Naito explains, “I’ve always thought about scouting Takagi. We are ‘Uncontrollables’ first. We should be more greedy. I believe we’ll have that effect on each other.“

However, on NJPW’s next tour, the JUNIOR TAG LEAGUE, only Takagi and BUSHI will be featured. Naito says, “This is our opportunity to show the new L.I.J.; why aren’t I booked? I’d still like to show up, even if I have to buy a ticket.”

Takagi is fired up to be at his new home. “I just have to get it done. I knew that it would be intriguing for me, whether I’d team up with Naito or face him. I think there’s a lot that I can learn from him. This is my 15th year doing this, but I feel like I’m a rookie again.”

After BUSHI studied the check for a while he said, “This is still so cheap,” And he proceeded to order many more dishes.

When they finally got full, Naito told us, “Actually, there is another X besides Takagi. I want to introduce him to you guys of Tokyo Sports. I will bring him out, so please close your eyes while he makes his entrance.”

Takagi followed Naito, saying, “Naito, are you serious? Now isn’t the-” as he and BUSHI ran after.

However, they never returned. When I opened my eyes, I saw the bill on the table.

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